Lock Snapping

According to West Yorkshire Police more than a quarter of all burglaries in West Yorkshire are by lock snapping and the figure is probably almost as high for Lancashire.

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Police forces have issued an appeal for householders to get their uPVC and Composite door locks checked and replaced with anti-snap and anti-bump high security Euro Cylinders. This follows an increase in break-ins where vulnerable and cheap Euro Profile locks have been forced. Burglars use a simple tool to smash or snap the lock in a technique well known by criminals. Read what North Yorkshire Police say about it here.

The weaker types of handles are easily broken by burglars

Snapped Euro Profile cylinder door lock

It’s incredibly easy for criminals to gain entry once they realise what type of lock is in the door.

Wilson Locksmiths are already fitting high security cylinder locks that will meet the new security standards that will be enforced shortly.These new standards are being brought in to address the vulnerability of existing Euro Profile locks, which are common in UPVC and composite doors, and will make sure that cylinders are of a minimum security standard.

Q. What is the problem with Euro Profile Locks??
A.There is a design weakness in the Euro Profile Cylinder locks that are commonly used on UPVC and composite doors. During recent years burglars have increasingly been using a simple tool to snap the euro profile lock cylinder.

Q. Has this problem been publicised?
A. There have been numerous reports on television and in newspapers about the weakness in these types of locks.

Q. What makes of lock are the most vulnerable?
A. No one particular make of lock is more vulnerable; however all major lock manufacturers are now working hard to find solutions to the problem. If you have a door that is several years old, it is worth having the lock checked and replaced where necessary.

Q. Are there any locks on the market that are more secure?
A. Yes, there is a large range of products which will withstand this type of lock snapping attack. We can fit high security cylinders and a range of other security products which eliminate the risk of cylinder snapping.

Security upgrades

Many locks on older UPVC doors have rollers or mushrooms whereas more modern designs use hooks which are more secure, stronger and reliable. If you have an older lock it is a wise measure to upgrade to modern locks which can be fitted to older doors making them better than new.

Burglars have recently learnt to exploit a serious weakness in UPVC locks and there has been a big increase of break-ins by lock snapping and lock bumping. The Police have been warning people about this problem and you might have seen warnings on TV. There is no need to worry if you have your locks upgraded. We can supply and fit a wide range of products to upgrade the security of UPVC doors and windows including snap-proof or break-safe cylinders, high security handles, sash jammers, patio door and window locks.

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In many cases the fitting of high security handles is the best solution.

A handle broken in a burglary   - - - - - - - -   and after fitting high security handles.
The handle is much stronger and the keyhole is covered by a steel cover.

Q. Will these locks prevent forced entry?
A. Although this design of cylinder is not a 100% guarantee of preventing this method of attack on UPVC doors; it will prevent the most common methods, thereby slowing down the burglar’s attempts at entry and making it considerably more difficult; therefore increasing the chance of them giving up.

Q. Do I have to fit a new lock?
A. No, not necessarily; in addition to new locks, there are products called cylinder enhancers or cylinder security to suit UPVC and composite doors. These are a metal surrounds that are secured to the existing cylinder underneath the door handle. ERA’s range is possibly the most secure, with the designs securing through the door to sandwich the cylinder in place, making it virtually impossible to remove the ‘snapped’ cylinder. These devices used in conjunction with a ‘Break Secure’ or ‘Snap Safe’ cylinder will ensure the methods currently being used are ineffective. Euro cylinders that are fitted on door grills cylinder should not protrude on the outside of the grill. If a cylinder does protrude, it needs to be protected by a shroud/escutcheon. There are also high security handles which are very strong and cover the cylinder making it very difficult to snap, drill or pick it.

Q. How do I know if my home is at risk?
A. It is recommended that the Euro profile cylinder should not protrude outside of the door furniture any more than 2 - 3mm. If you are in doubt, seek advice from Wilson Locksmiths who will provide advice and guidance on security, without any obligation.

Wilson Locksmiths can advise you on how to make your home more secure and minimise your risk of burglary. You will get a FREE security check and FREE advice on how to improve your security. You will then be given a no obligation quote for our high quality door/window locks, reinforced handles, door chains, spy holes and many other security measures. We  will fit the measures that you choose at competitive rates.

In many cases high security handles are a better option than anti-snap cylinders. These handles are much stronger than standard handles and cover the lock with a hardened steel guard. One advantage of having high security handles fitted is that you can keep the same cylinder and therefore the same keys. We always have a selection of high security handles in stock.

As part of their campaign to raise awareness of the problem of lock snapping West Yorkshire Police have recently featured in an article on BBC Look North.
To read a BBC article on lock snapping click here.
West Yorkshire Police have recommended Yale anti-snap cylinders. Read about them here.